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Active Consultations

Throughout the planning application process, it is of upmost importance to Oakmere to liaise with local communities and engage all stakeholders to ensure that the needs are carefully met.

Development offers real benefit for the whole community and has a positive impact in terms of investment in the community, facilities, infrastructure and education.


Longmeadow Lane, Natland

Plans for approximately 55 houses and affordable units

Oakmere is considering the development of land off Longmeadow Lane for a housing development. There is the potential to build 39 homes and 16 affordable homes on just part of this field. There is also the potential to provide, on land between the aqueduct and railway line, a large landscaped space which could have community use such as play area, games area, nature walk or community woodland or gardens.

As part of our community consultation we seek the views of the community on development here and possible uses of the land beside the railway. We would like local people to let us know their concerns so we can fully understand the local issues.

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